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How to Instructions For Your New Suspend A Boot Harness


The initial fitting just takes minutes!

Suspend A Boot will prevent your dog from ever losing another boot.  The quality and fit is still an essential component of any boot.  Put your dog boots on first.

Adjust your harness so that it is at its longest.  Place the harness on top of your dog’s back.  Secure the collar piece. It should not be tight or restricting.  Attach the clips to the boots.  Adjust the leggings so that it is not restricting but has a little tension.  Your dog should have full moving ability.  If this is your dog’s first time wearing boots, your dog will most likely do a little booty dance, so have your camera ready!

Removing the boots is even easier.  Just loosen the boots and slide them off.  They do not have to come off the harness every time unless you are washing the boots. Simply remove the boots with Suspend A Boot still attached and hang them up.

Your Suspend A Boot harness only has to be adjusted the one time, as it is now custom fit for your dog only.

Your harness is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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