Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   Can my dog still run, play and roll around?


A.   Yes, your dog will still have loads of fun and will be able to move freely.


Q.   Will the harness attach to any boot?


A.   Yes, any boot in the market, but you will need to still choose a good boot that is a good fit for your dog.


Q.   Why should I bother to protect my dog’s paws?


A.   As pet owners we all love our dogs and we should take care to protect their paws. When the temperature is freezing your dog can experience frostbite quicker than you realize. The salt on the roads and sidewalks burns their paws and the ice on the roads and sidewalks can cut their paws. In the fall many dogs experience allergies from the leaves that have fallen. In the summer on very hot days the pavement absorbs the heat from the sun creating very hot pavements. This can also be damaging to dogs paws. In the spring it can be muddy, real muddy and maybe you don’t want that mud tracked in your home.


Q.   How long does it take for my dog to get used to the boots and Suspend A Boot?


A.   It’s important to make it a positive experience. The first time should not be rushed. Put one boot on at a time and let your dog get used to the boot. Then put the others on one at a time. Your dog will prance around at first. You then place the harness over the dogs back, attach Suspend A Boot to the collar first and then attach the clips to the boots. Adjust to fit your dog comfortably. Now you’re ready to go. The first time will take about 10 minutes. The second time will tabe about 2 minutes.


Q.   Do I take the harness off of the boots when we are done our walk?


A.   No, you can just leave the boots attached to the Suspend A Boot and hang it up when you are done.


Q.   Will my dog get hung up in woody areas that I like to run him?


A.   Your dog can run, jump and play but do take caution where you are.