Veterinarian Approved:


I have always thought that my dogs would definitely benefit from wearing booties, especially in the winter time, to protect them from salt and dry skin. However, I have always been turned-off of dog boots due to the fact that I can’t seem to keep them on for more than a few minutes, no matter how hard I try! As a veterinarian, there are several situations/medical reasons where dog boots would definitely benefit my patients, but again I am hesitant to recommend them, because I know how frustrating they can be! My opinion completely changed when Diane asked me to test out her new Suspend A Boot. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure that this creation would actually work, until I tried it out on my own dog, Molly. Diane and I took Molly out to the park a few months ago. We put dog booties on all four of her feet, and then attached them all with Suspend A Boot. Molly was a little hesitant at first, but in a matter of minutes, she was running around the park at top speed; and the best part, the boots didn’t come off! I am definitely impressed by Suspend A Boot! I would recommend booties to any of my clients for their pets, as long as they use Suspend A Boot as well!”


Dr. Heather McGowan
Pickering, Ontario


 Dr. Heather McGowan & Molly



Any dog owner will understand and sympathize with what I’m about to tell you. Lost booties. I have tried everything I can think of to keep my dogs booties from falling off. I added extra Velcro, I have used rubber bands, paper clips and safety pins, just to keep the booties on. I even bought large sizes and stuffed them and smaller sizes for a tighter fit, all to no avail. I purchased very expensive booties, very cheap booties and everything in between. Results? Lost booties. There was nothing on the market that would keep the booties on. I was getting very tired and frustrated with lost booties. I was losing the battle and the booties pit was winning.


Then, at a dog show, I came across Suspend A Boot.  Suspenders for booties? Why it made perfect sense!! Why didn’t anyone come up with this sooner? After all the money I have spent in the past I was still skeptical but they were so reasonably priced that I had to give them a try. Results? Fantastic. My dogs have not lost a bootie since they started using Suspend A Boot. I would recommend these to anyone who has every lost a bootie. This was the best investment I ever made. I will no longer be making contributions to the bootie pit. Hurray!!!”


Toronto, Ontario


When I first saw your product, Suspend A Boot, I thought what a great idea. I can’t tell you how many times my dogs have lost their booties, and it is very frustrating because, as most pet owners know, you can’t just replace one bootie. I purchased expensive booties, thinking they would be better, and then I would buy cheaper booties so at least if they got lost, it would not be a big deal. But now, with the Suspend A Boot; I no longer have to worry about the boots falling off. The walks are more enjoyable because I do not have to keep checking if the bootie is still on.


The fact that Suspend A Boot is made with a reflective material is a huge benefit that provides the added safety feature for my dogs.


In addition, now when I take off their booties, I simply keep the booties on the Suspend A Boot and hang it up on the coat hook and let them dry. I no longer have to worry about misplaced booties anymore. Then when it is time for a walk, I do not spend countless time searching for the booties. What a relief.


Thank you Diane for your innovative product, which has not only saved me money, but it has also spared me the time and aggravation from trying to find lost and misplaced booties.”


Richmond Hill, Ontario


I am writing today to speak about the Suspend A Boot product we used this winter with our dog, Molly.


This product is a suspender that easily clips onto the dog boots. It holds the dog boots in place regardless of the weather conditions. We recently went for a walk in fairly deep snow and I was very pleased to see that when we returned, all four boots were still in place! If it weren’t for the Suspend A Boot product, that would not have been possible. The suspender in no way restricts the dogs’ movement and is easy to put on and take off.


Now that we have used the Suspend a Boot, there is no turning back! Molly will enjoy many walks during the winter months, with her paws protected from the snow, salt and ice. Thank you for such an awesome product!”


Pickering, ON