Product Information


Suspend A Boot


Suspend A Boot is a unique product which secures dog boots from accidental loss. Boots are an important accessory for dogs venturing out into very cold winter conditions, rainy damp conditions, etc. Roads and sidewalks covered in salt can be damaging to a dogs paws. Pavements in the summer time can reach 140 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and we don’t realize because we have footwear on. When the temperatures are this hot it is just as important to protect dogs paws. When the news channels show that they can fry an egg on the pavement it’s hot! Even though the boots you have chosen are of good quality, there is the chance that one may come loose and fall off. This can occur for a few different reasons. For example, one boot may not be secured as well as the others or your dog may be walking through deep snow or sticky mud. Suspend A Boot keeps them all attached even if one does come off, you have not lost it! You just put the boot back on. Suspend A Boot is the original boot-keeper!

Suspend A Boot comes in different colours and sizes, to fit all types of dogs. Suspend A Boot utilizes 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material for added safety for your dog. Each size of Suspend A Boot is adjustable and can be customized to fit your dog. Four elastic strips extend from the top of the dog’s back to the ankle of the paw. These straps are attached to a top centre piece of webbing, and another strip of stretch fabric is attached from the centre piece of the dog’s collar. The back centre piece is adjustable, as is the collar attachment and each legging.

Suspend A Boot is a Canadian made product and Patent Pending.




Suspend A Boot is not to be used as a Halti and it is not designed to be attached to a leash. Suspend A Boot is a harness to assist in keeping your dog’s boots attached. The selection of a good boot is still important for your dog.